CSR and the environment

Quality policy (ISO9001)

Quality policy:We will work to improve quality and will sincerely offer products and services that can be trusted.

Basic principles

NEOS COMPANY LIMITED will use continuous originality and ingenuity to work to perform original technical development that can respond to the changes of the times. We will supply ever improving products and services to the market in order to improve customer satisfaction and we will make a large contribution to society as a "best supporter" in manufacturing.

Basic policy

The quality policy for NEOS COMPANY LIMITED is defined as below on consideration of the business of the company, which is "research, manufacturing and sales of industrial chemicals" and "semiconductor/FPD related cleaning and polishing and heavy industry related metal surface treatment business."

  • We will accurately grasp the expectations and requirements of the customers and sincerely supply products and services with a quality that will satisfy the customers.
  • We will comply with the related laws and regulations and fulfill a social role.
  • We will make use of the thinking behind the international standards of this global era and will continuously improve our management systems in order to continue to offer excellent quality and service.
  • In order to realize this quality policy, we will set quality objectives and perform evaluations of the level of their achievement.

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