CSR and the environment

Environmental policy (ISO14001)

Environmental policy:In all of our business activities, we will aim to reduce the burden we place on the environment and to contribute to society.

Basic principles

We recognize that the protection of the global environment is an important issue facing all of mankind and we will develop comprehensive measures in all of our business activities to aim to protect and harmonize with the global environment and also to contribute to society.

Basic policy

Based on the basic principles, we will aim to reduce the burden on the environment in all processes from our product development, raw materials procurement, manufacturing, cleaning, logistics and sales up to the use and disposal of the product by the customers. We have defined our policy as below and we will promote environmental management.

  • In addition to complying with the environment related laws and ordinances and any other requirements or others that NEOS agrees to, we will also prepare our organization and work procedures in order to take measures for environmental protection and to work to prevent pollution.
  • We will consider the effects that our business activities have on the environment and will work to make continuous improvements.
  • In order to prevent the contamination of the environment by toxic chemical substances, we will accurately grasp the requirements of customers and will develop products and offer services with consideration for the environment.
  • We will actively work to reduce our resource use and energy consumption in order to prevent global warming.
    We will work to reduce waste materials and to promote recycling in order to use resources effectively.
  • We will set environmental targets in order to achieve this environmental policy and all employees will promote environmental management.
    We will also review those environmental targets periodically and make corrections whenever necessary.
  • We will document our environmental policy and will ensure that it is thoroughly enforced and widely publicized, not only among the employees of NEOS, but also among all the persons working for the company.

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