CSR and the environment

Where NEOS is found

Our products and involvement with society.NEOS products support many different manufacturing work sites.Items supported by NEOS can be found in many familiar places in our day to day lives.

High functionality surfaces in various sectors

Fluorine based surfactants from NEOS are in action as highly functional materials in locations ranging from advanced fields such as semiconductors and touch panels to more familiar items such as paints and floor wax.

In resin products

Fluorine based release agents from NEOS are in action in the removal of items from molds in the manufacturing processes for resin products such as car steering wheels and golf balls.

In production work sites in plants

Cutting and grinding fluids and cleaning agents from NEOS are used in many production plant work sites, including those for components for automobiles and household electrical products.

On steel structures such as bridges

Anti-rust agents and rust removing agents are used on parts and structures made from steel.

When the sea is polluted

The oil spill dispersant from NEOS is used when oil such as heavy oil leaks into the sea due to accidents, etc.

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