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Anticipating beyond manufacturing as a best supporter of industry

Founded in 1950, Neos Company Limited began its business with maintenance of ocean vessels and for more than half a century of acquired technology through Research and Development enabled expansion of our business to various fields.

Today, we are supporting manufacturing industries worldwide with our industrial chemical expertise, Research and development, manufacturing as well as precision cleaning, polishing, and metal surface treatment services. Our businesses are by no means ostentatious but testimonial such as “Neos product significantly contributed to the development of new products” and “Neos technologies enabled to overcome manufacturing process challenges” are our driving force that conscientiously engaged to our customers to this day.

Our desire is to contribute building richer society by means of advancing the manufacturing technology providing customers with Added Value unique to our company. This desire stems from our corporate philosophy “Enjoy Creation, Challenge, Growth and well-being for everyone in the community.” With this philosophy in their heart, each one of our employees are actively engaging the industry while enjoying the new challenges.

The business environment surrounding our company is continuously changing, especially, the advances of globalization in recent years has had a great impact on corporate management. To face these changes, we are accelerating the business expansion into the market where we expect significant growth, including ASEAN region.

In addition, with increased worldwide awareness of global environment protection, as a company working with chemical materials that may have great impact on the environment, it is our duty to fulfill our responsibility through our initiatives to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, consciously focusing on developing “clean and environmentally friendly” products.

Anticipating the future beyond manufacturing, we continue to take on new challenges to provide products and services that exceed the expectation of our customers.

Please look forward to the future of Neos as we continue to advance globally to achieve the society with full of joy.

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