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Anticipating beyond manufacturing as a best supporter of industry

Our company was founded in 1950 and began from the maintenance of ships. We have been building up our technologies for more than half a century since and have used those technologies as a foundation for expansion into various different businesses.
Today, NEOS COMPANY LIMITED is supporting manufacturing around the world through industrial chemical research and development, manufacturing and sales, precision cleaning and polishing and metal surface treatment business. Our business is neither grand nor attention grabbing. However, we often hear from our customers that "NEOS products are making a great contribution to our new product development" or "The problems we had in the manufacturing process have been solved with NEOS technology." Comments such as these bring us happiness and satisfaction and we have continued to listen to them sincerely to this day.

Our hope is that we can offer added value to the customers that is only possible from NEOS, to help in the realization of an affluent society through the advancement of the world's manufacturing. This hope is also incorporated into our company policy of "Development with heart and soul" and our management philosophy that we should be the "BEST INDUSTRY SUPPORTER." Each and every employee keeps these thoughts in mind as they go about their activities in various different scenes in industry.

The environment we are in is changing rapidly both in Japan and overseas. In particular, the progress of globalization in recent years is having a large effect on company management. In order to be able to respond to these changes, we are strengthening our business expansion into countries and areas where high market growth is expected, including the ASEAN region.

Furthermore, as awareness of the protection of the global environmental grows around the world, we will fulfill the responsibilities we have as a company that handles chemicals that have a big impact on the environment. To do this, we will continue to be highly conscious of the "environment and cleanliness" as we approach our product development.

We will continue to anticipate the "future beyond the manufacturing" and further challenge ourselves so that we will be able to offer products and services that exceed the expectations of the customers.

Please look forward to the future of NEOS as we play a role around the world.

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